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Hamidreza Khalounejad

Born: May 3, 1998 (age:26), Arak, Iran

Hamidreza is a researcher, sports scientist, coach, athlete, and educator. He started his official profession as a natural physique and strength and conditioning coach in 2015. Hamidreza was accepted for a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at Arak University in 2022, and he has a bachelor’s in Physical Education and Sports Science from Islamic Azad University, Arak Branch. As an athlete, Hamidreza has competed in basketball competitions, also strength sports. Following this experience, he launched his website for educational activities about sports science in 2022.

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Hamidreza Khalounejad Fitness Program: 

My Programs Include a 6-Week Program, Exercise Demonstration Library, Nutrition Guide, & Supplement Guide. Gym-Based, Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Bodyweight, & Express Programs.

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Exercise Physiology Laboratory

My Exercise Physiology Lab

The main goal of the Exercise Physiology Lab (EPL) is to figure out the mechanisms and interplay of acute and chronic responses of the cardio-respiratory, neuro-muscular, and metabolic systems to different types of exercise in health and disease conditions. Also, the primary purpose of doing research in the Exercise Physiology Laboratory is to seek different interventions (such as various training methods, supplements, nutrition, medication, etc.) to improve public health, well-being, and sports performance. 

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